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Custom area rugs are made to order at Bennett's Carpets, Inc.

The phrase “custom area rug” may strike fear into the hearts of anyone with a budget. It doesn’t have to. A custom area rug fabricated to your specifications is surprisingly affordable. Bennett’s Carpets provides a custom rug service to Russell Springs, Columbia, Burkesville, Edmonton, Somerset, Monticello, Science Hill, and London.

Why a custom area rug?

Do you have a space that needs an area rug, but haven’t found what you want? Don’t settle for less than perfect, because that’s what you get when you create a custom area rug with Bennett’s Carpets. An area rug, built from scratch, takes some planning, but it’s not a long, drawn out process. You need to have the following information to start:
  • Size – how big is the space you need to cover with a custom area rug?
  • Shape – you are not limited to rectangles; think about a square or a circle with an undulating edge, even a star is possible.
  • Use – where is the area rug going to be used; you need different materials for a walk-off rug for the back door and a soft rug for the master bedroom.
  • Materials – do you like a plush pile or a tailored Berber; you can select your rug’s material from in-store broadloom and remnants, or we can order and have the carpet delivered.

Custom area rugs have two types of binding – tape and serging

For tape binding, a heavy-duty cotton twill tape is selected in a compatible or contrasting color, it’s your choice. The tape is folded in half lengthwise, the slipped over the unfinished raw edges. The tape and rug comprise the three layers that an industrial sewing machine will secure.

For serging, a specialized machine tightly over sews the raw edge; this thread will match the predominant color of the rug. If you plan to have fringe on your area rug, serging is the way to go.
Custom Area Rugs in Russell Springs, Somerset, and Glasgow, KY

Order your custom area rug ahead of time

In the scheme of custom-made articles, a custom made rug can be turned around quickly. However, it’s not as fast as taking a rug off a rack and taking it home. A custom area rug from Bennett’s Carpet is worth the short wait for perfection.